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Credit Card Processor

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It's no secret that your credit card processing statement is very difficult to read and understand. Being in the industry for over 20 years, I can assure you that each bank has a team of people designing the most confusing statement possible to hide your actual rates and their profit. And with so many different banks competing I've seen hundreds of formats. 

Allow me to represent you and renegotiate your rates and fees. I will also identify any additional hidden fees and junk fees and make sure they are eliminated. I will also make sure your new agreement doesn't have an early termination fee!

My service fee, upon a successful renegotiation, is a flat $199.00. No contract or percentage from your monthly savings. For example, if you save $100 a month you would recuperate my service fee in two months of savings and profit $1000 the rest of the year; $1,200 the years thereafter. That's just an example, the profit could be much more depending on your current rates and volume.

If for some reason your processor doesn't want to renegotiate, no need to worry. I have a network of processors that I broker for. I guarantee you a better deal! 

If you're local to the South Florida area we can set an appointment to meet. If you're not, call or email me as I'm equipped to assist nationwide. 

I will pick their statement apart with a magnifying glass. Bottom line? 


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For a FREE Credit Card Processing Statement analysis please contact me. No obligation. 

William Cruz 786-486-9454

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